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Monthly show in collab with Rádio Quântica with Djs sets and performances curated by NON along with a digital cover.

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NON Stop is a monthly show hosted by NON Collective where upcoming DJs, artists and collectives are invited to showcase their work in a NON conventional way. The show focus on uplifting women, queer, immigrant and underground artists celebrating Brazilian culture and other multiple genres that when mixed together would make you dance until NON Stop. 


The first show was launched in January 28th where the collective invited two artists two celebrate their 1st anniversary with different music genres celebrating musical plurality that it’s the essence of the show. The line-up counted with Portuguese artists: Oseias and Maria João.

For the second episode, we invited two of our favorite artists of the upcoming Portuguese scene to celebrate Valentine's Day where they talked about their work and how their inspiration and lifestyle reflects on their music love for music. Singer Natali Ferreira give us a preview of her upcoming songs and we close with a breath take Dj set of our host FABZ.

NON Stop by NON Collective - EP#1 Roller Coaster w/ guests Oseias and MJ.

NON Stop by NON Collective - EP#2 All for Now w/ guests Natali and FABZ.

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