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ROLLER COASTER: welcome to our first universe anniversary campaign.

NON Collective first anniversary universe created in collaboration with the talented Bruno Boiça and Filipa Combo a whole 3D universe inspired in NON’s journey as a collective during this crazy first year - 2021-2022.


The concept of Roller Coaster emerges from the feeling of the goosebumps when we were about to start a new ride/chapter in our lives and the ups and downs along the creative processes that brought NON here, but in NON's own non conventional way making fun and having fun within the process. The loop of possibilities. Blowing the end of the chaos with mixed feelings, but most of all celebrating everything and everyone that is part of this Roller Coaster ride too. 


The first part of the campaign started with a 3D animation where Pokenon - collective’s first mascot - is having a birthday party that happens on a Candy-Land-Crazy-Fun-Fair world where everything is big, since the giant cakes, balloons, feelings and crazy asymmetrical Roller Coaster that revolves around the chaotic energy of their birthday party with a lot of screaming and laughing skills.


The second part connects a second 3D animation with the 1 year anniversary event and merch products - pokeNON cap -. The animation consists in a Roller Coaster ride where it ends at the party hosted by NON at Planeta Manas on March 19th with curated performances and a VR experience.

NON X Planeta Manas
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