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KAMMERFLIMMERN screening event at Nuremberg, Germany.

On the 15th of January, from 7PM (GMT+1) until late, a number of artists and collectives joined a mapped screening at the Heizhaus, an empty former-industrial building in Nuremberg, Germany.


ArtSect Gallery collaborated with Digi.gxl, Digitalax, Immersive Kind, Jess Conatser, and Gabriel Maria Platt to organize this experiment in urban art and new media art, which aims to reclaim use of the second largest empty building in Germany. The building was chosen due to its size and historical significance to Nuremberg's industrial past. The location has attracted attention from local artist communities, who have seized the opportunity to repurpose the building into a creative hub.


NON Collective Hardcore Baile 3D animation was selected to join the event, bringing it back a reminder that we should celebrate Brazilian culture even more.

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